Men’s grooming wasn’t in focus until fairly recently, but better late than never, right? From more appealing haircuts to manicures and spas, men are indulging more in grooming than ever before. Premium and luxury salons such as Levo Spalon have designed their treatments and grooming regimes, keeping what would be suitable for men in mind. Levo Spalon is the pillar of beauty, style and indulgence, and they sought to provide refinement and restoration in the form of several luxurious treatments. Here are some of its most preferred therapies and services.

Hair treatments

No matter your hair type, it truly deserves the best. Levo Spalon has a selection of hair care treatments such as:

Hair styling: For any hair length, the experts at Levo will go to great lengths to give you the perfect haircut. They are always up to date with the current grooming trends for you to flaunt fashionable hairstyles.

Hair color: People have expanded their color palette in terms of hair color. Whether you want balayage, salt-pepper or even global styles, you will be guaranteed a perfectly blended look with the top-quality personal care brands.

Hair texture treatments: To improve and nourish your hair quality, permanent or semi-permanent hair texture treatments enhance volume, improve hair texture and give you a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Kerastase rituals: Whether you want to defend your hair against pollution, sun damage or incorrect heat styling, Kerastase rituals are a one-stop solution to repair and revitalize damaged hair. This treatment addresses numerous scalp issues and gives you personalized hair care.

Beard care

A beard is a physical quality most men are proud of. As a significant grooming element, the experts at Levo Spalon treat it as such. According to your face shape, the experts suggest the perfect trimming regimes. Further, beard spa sessions at Levo hydrate and give your beard a presentable look. They use the most trust-worthy and luxurious beard care products worldwide to preserve your priceless possession, your beard.


Levo’s specialized dermatological treatments and therapies promote overall skin health. The salon allows you to experience the science and art of deeply nourished and healed skin. Procedures such as anti-aging and laser treatments utilize state-of-the-art technology to get rid of scars and blemishes. Dermatological hair treatments such as FUE hair transplant and PRP anti-hair loss are especially beneficial for men. With these result-oriented hair therapies, you may restore hair growth and rock voluminous and smooth hair.

Spa treatments

Levo’s signature massage therapies are recognized to be amongst the best and most effective ones from across the world. The mineral-charged massage techniques remove toxins, re-energize and nourish muscles, and promote skin conditioning and metabolic balance. Your smooth, polished appearance stays intact by using Levo Spalon’s excellent body wraps, which thoroughly nourish and restore bodily equilibrium.

The salon employs the most seasoned experts in the beauty and wellness industry. Experts such as Salman Istekhar, Mila Parakhina and Jason B are at the center of the buzz here at Levo Spalon. Not just that, Levo’s extensive list of amenities embodies the pure sense of lavish well-being. You can unwind and discover your greatest self through their refinement and restoration treatments. Make yourself a priority at Levo’s Spalon.

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Levo, by definition means to smoothen, to polish, to uplift, to relieve. It‘s the name that inspires us and our experience. We at Levo promise refinement, restoration, nurturing, and indulgence with a certain élan.

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