7 best Things To Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

The summer is here; your neat feet, cute sandals, and beach sands are an unbeatable combo. It’s time to get out into the beach waters and waves, but you want to show off your well-done nails. It’s time to get an easy and tidy pedicure before flaunting on those summer sands.

This cosmetic treatment done to your toenails and feet is a hygiene marker these days. From removing your dead skin and making your nails cuticle-free, a pedicure can be painful but worth your time making your feet look clean.

Did you know getting a pedicure done regularly can help you correct your walking posture? Yes, it might sound silly, but it’s a bit of the psychological factor behind it. Generally, one walks with care when a pedicure is done (constant consciousness of the feet while walking can lead to the walking posture correction).

Pedicure is on-demand, every day and any day, for the neat and shiny look it gives to our feet and toes. Apart from softening your problematic skin, it deeply exfoliates your feet’ skin, leaving it clean, healthy, and fresh, but the question here is for long. On average, pedicure tends to last for a few weeks and even for a month, but specific techniques could make your pedicure stay even longer.

Here are some tips suggested by the seasoned cosmetologist from Levo Spa and Salon for longer pedicure results.

Keep Water Away For 12 Hours

Summer and water play are a combo, but it’s always safer to stay away from chlorine water for at least 12 hours. It might be tough to resist all the fun times and blue water, but chlorine works in a way that it fades your nail color and rupture your soft skin texture. Post-care is a long and solid thing and so make sure to rinse off your feet with normal water and unscented lotion after every pool day. 

Redo Your Topcoat Regularly

It’s natural to lose the shine of the nail polish for a few days, so it’s advised to redo the top nail coat every 3-4 days to retain the lustrous and clean look. While applying the additional layer, do it along the edges, as that’s precisely where nail paints start to chirp around. 

Make Scrubbing A Habit

Scrubbing regularly keeps your feet clean and fresh with an added advantage of deep exfoliation, which removes all the dead cells from your feet. It has also caught the attention of the research that regular scrub helps to achieve a softer texture for your feet generally. Scrubbing with pumice stone with a milder lotion/cleanser solution is usually preferred, and while scrubbing, do not forget to run the pumice stone around the soles of your feet. 

Moisturize Often

Moisturize your feet often, not just for the pedicure to stay longer but for the general well-being of your feet’ skin. The moisturizer also lets your pedicured look fresh and neat as it keeps your skin hydrated and helps you stay away from dry cuticles. Extreme dryness and oiliness can be effectively controlled with the regular usage of moisturizer.

Use Your Nail Polish

Asking to use your nail polish might seem silly while reading this, but it does make a difference. But you never know if that bottle of your preferred shade had been kept open for long at the salon. The older the nail polish formula gets, the easier it is to chirp. So getting your fresh or personal bottle can have a different fan base later someday.

Nail Polish - Levo Spa Salon - Pedicure

Stay Away From Artificial Heat

Using a hairdryer to dry your shades is a common sight, at least during your college days. Practically it might sound and feel like a DIY tip, but it’s not. The external rise in temperature might lead to the melting of colors, thereby giving an untidy and messed outlook. Let it dry naturally, and that’s probably the best you could do, even though an air-conditioned surface might bring out killer results in a short period.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Dry nails and cuticles directly impact your pedicure as it reduces the longevity of nail shades. Cuticle oils are readily available in the market. Regular usage of the same is beneficial for making your pedicure stay longer and keeping your nails healthy.

Taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of any other part of your body and a pedicure is the most amazing way to do so. Your feet hygiene and health do have a say on your overall health just as your hair care do.

So next time you are lazy to get a pedicure for yourself, book a slot with Levo Spa and Salon, and experience the uniqueness of their service. Pedicure is therapeutic and healthy feet are capable of putting on a happy smile on your face.

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