Hair Styling

“Get a cut above the rest at LEVO Spalon. Be it straight tresses, waves, or spirals – our experts go to great lengths to give you the perfect cut. Get expert styling for vibrant hair. Our hair-styling services cater to children, men, and women. Our modern touch and styling make for a flawless finish. Get a new, inspired look for your hair at LEVO.”

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Hair Color

Life should be colorful. So does your hair color. Highlight or lowlight your mane with balayage, salt-pepper, global, or grey masking touch-up treatments. Get naturally blended looks by our experts to set you up with the latest trends. Our coloring routines use the latest techniques to provide a natural look with no harsh regrowth lines. Book an appointment with our highly qualified stylists – to get your perfect hue suited to your personality and priorities.

Hair Texture

“Your hair care journey is incomplete without hair texture treatments. Get semi-permanent or permanent treatments at LEVO that enhance volume, improve texture and give smooth, frizz-free hair. Find the one most suited to fulfill your hair goals. “

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Keratase Rituals

Pollution, UV rays, and incorrect heat styling are posing a challenge to mane maintenance, causing frizzy hair, hair fall, dandruff, etc. LEVO’s Keratase Rituals are a one-stop solution to revitalize and repair damaged hair. The luxurious, nourishing touch of Kerastase preserves texture and makes hair manageable. A range of treatments tailored to address scalp issues, dandruff, hair fall etc. gives instant, glowing results. Get ready to seize the day!