There’s nothing like the confidence that great hair and make-up gives you. The simple philosophy behind glamming up is to accentuate your inner natural beauty. Even if you know a thing or two about make-up, there’s a professional touch to an artist’s expertise. Especially during significant events or parties that need detailed make-up and grooming, it is always a good idea to visit the salon. Levo Spalon, a premium luxury salon based in Gurgaon, is an excellent stop for your extravagant personal and self-care needs. Right from hairstyling, make-up, nail extensions and spa services, Levo offers a range of carefully crafted services that redefine your perception of beauty, indulgence and rejuvenation. With the help of excellent experts that have defined Levo, their high-end grooming experience surpasses the average salon.

Look your best with Levo’s hair services

Levo Spalon specializes in hair styling using the latest treatments and relying on trustworthy personal care brands. Levo’s coloring routines give a natural look with no sharp regrowth lines. They provide semi-permanent or permanent treatments to increase volume, texture and provide smooth, frizz-free hair. The Kerastase treatment gives you a rich, nourishing touch that retains texture and makes hair manageable. Hair artist and the creative director at Levo’s, Mila Parakhina, presents excellent hair styling results after working closely with Bollywood and the film industry.

Step up your Make-up game with Levo

The make-up department also gives stunning results by incorporating the latest fashion trends to provide you with a unique festive look. Indian make-up ranges within cultures and regions. These different looks can be recreated at Levo with state-of-the-art treatments and experts. Make-up experts such as Vidya Tikari, who specializes in bridal make-up, provide stunning and satisfactory results. Casual party look and semi-permanent make-up regimes are also incorporated at Levo by other experts in the team.

Levo Spalon isn’t limited to only providing hair and make-up services. Here are a few other services offered by this reputed spalon.

Spa treatments: Spa treatments at Levo are indeed the part where luxury begins. Levo’s premium body scrubs exfoliate, moisturize and deeply stimulate your skin and make it soft, toned and refreshed. Their luxurious and signature body wraps infuse nourishment of essential oils and floral essences, which deeply moisturize, hydrate and maintain skin elasticity. Other treatments such as body polishing, signature and premium massages make use of high-power ingredients and techniques which nourish, remove toxins and re-energize muscles to strengthen the immune system to refresh your spirits.

Dermatology: Levo is not behind in the dermatology line. Exclusive and premium dermatological treatments like anti-aging and laser treatments are inculcated within their routines. Levo offers non-surgical contouring procedures, as well as the removal of unwanted stretch marks to reveal blemish-free skin. Painless body sculpting procedures at Levo help remove stubborn fat and cellulite to gain your perfect figure. Lastly, dermatological hair treatments help tackle scalp issues and replenish hair growth.

Manicures and pedicures: For a unique experience, Levo’s distinctive spa manicure and pedicure regenerate deep dermal wrap and nourishing body butter. Their special manicure/pedicure treatment produces impressive results. It includes the use of the full Margaret Dabbs London product line, a splendid creamy scrub, anti-aging hand serum, and a hand and lower arm massage.

The founders Pranita Bhaveja and Ranita Chugh started Levo with the dream of providing luxurious beauty services. A small hope has emerged as a big dream since Levo has expanded from its base in Gurugram to Pune, Goa, Udaipur, and Faridabad. With Levo, let your skin get used to pampering because it deserves more than the best.

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Levo, by definition means to smoothen, to polish, to uplift, to relieve. It‘s the name that inspires us and our experience. We at Levo promise refinement, restoration, nurturing, and indulgence with a certain élan.

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