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Levo’s extraordinary services help you escape the ordinary and experience the luxury of refined glamour under one roof. From discovering your best makeup look to getting your skin treated the right way, Levo Spa and Salon offers top-notch services for your overall wellness and self-care. Be it to get your hair structure fixed or repair the damaged skin, Levo Spa and Salon approaches treatments holistically. They assure health from within by eliminating the root cause of the concern.

A repertoire of Spa, Hair, Beauty, Makeup & Dermatology

Levo Spa and Salon bring together a broad range of amenities in one place. In short, they are your one-stop solution to all your dermatological, hair, and makeup concerns. At Levo Spalon, they aim at uplifting and polishing by focusing on restoration, rejuvenation, nourishment, and refinement. By delivering holistic wellness for over a decade, Levo Spa and Salon are your ultimate self-care partner. Their spa uses premium body scrubs infused with the goodness of exotic mineral oils. Services like nail extensions are done with class and perfection..

Renowned cosmetologists associated with Levo Spa and Salon offer authentic dermatological treatment. Hair styling and hair texture treatments are other popular services provided at the Spalon apart from the rest.

This premier world-class salon is a repertoire of personal indulgences with refined glam.

What makes Levo Spa and Salon stand out?

By providing quality service in and around India, Levo Spa and Salon is currently expanding on public request and demand. International stylists and techniques adapted from across the globe make the spalon result-oriented and tagged as a favorite by many. Imported products and procedural techniques sourced and adapted after extensive research assure you desired results in fewer sessions.

Spreading a strong foot across the Country

Initially started in Gurgaon, Levo Spa and Salon is now vigorously expanding across the nation, intending to make personal indulgence accessible to all. With already serving the people of Udaipur, Goa, and Pune, Levo Spa and Salon has marked its name with authenticity and refined glam.

Indulgent moments at Levo

Levo Spa and Salon promise a perfect slice and space of self-indulgence, style and beauty. It is indeed luxury wrapped up in self-care services at your fingertips.

Levo Spa and Salon is a perfect amalgamation of luxury and experience by assuring the finest services and the touch of beauty. Custom-curated treatments and services provided at the Spalon strongly backed with educational and practical expertise guarantee nothing but the best. Visit today and gift yourself the best salon experience!

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Levo, by definition means to smoothen, to polish, to uplift, to relieve. It‘s the name that inspires us and our experience. We at Levo promise refinement, restoration, nurturing, and indulgence with a certain élan.

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