Premium Body Scrubs

Our signature body scrubs deeply stimulate, tone, and leave your skin sensuously soft. Infused with the goodness of exotic mineral oils, these treatments give a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing effect. Take your pick from Frangipani Salt Scrub or Lime And Ginger Salt Scrub – for a rejuvenating experience.

Premium Body Wraps

Get a smooth polished look with our luxurious body wraps that deeply nourish and restore body equilibrium. Powerful detoxifying blends of exotic oils and essential floral essences encourage skin health and help maintain elasticity and hydration.

Body Polish by Forest Essential

Premium body polishing products from Forest Essential give smooth, glowing skin. Get indulgent treatments powered by highly active ingredients that cleanse and enrich the skin with vital nutrients.

Premium Massage

Our innovative minerally-charged massage techniques – remove toxins, re-energize muscles, and deepen skin conditioning & metabolic balancing. As effective as an hour’s stretching with better nourishment. Unwind with an indulgent massage experience at LEVO.

Signature Massage

Our signature line of massages brings you the best and most effective massage treatments from around the world. They focus on specific tension areas and induce muscle relaxation at a deeper level. Take your pick from a range of exclusive options to strengthen the immune system and refresh your spirits.