Spreading Our Wings across the Country

The journey of promising restoration and upliftment started at a flagship store in Gurgaon. Through indulgent moments of self-care and wellness, our luxury spa and salon lead with the support of an expert-led team.

With the inauguration of the flagship store at Gurgaon, we have expanded nationwide on public request and demand. The Raffles, Udaipur, The Westin, Pune, W Goa, Marriott Aravali. Now experience the luxurious moments in these millennial cities in no time. We promise to take you on a healthy and happy self-care nourishing journey.

What makes us stand out?

Driven with a vision to extend the touch of beauty, style and indulgence, we believe in providing custom-cut services for the enhanced betterment of personal wellness. Our premier world-class salon has its base built tight over expertise, innovation, and trust.

Our Endeavours:

We aim to bring a perfect amalgamation of luxury and expertise for an unbeatable experience by assuring the finest services. Exceptional rejuvenation and grooming services are waiting to take you to a new world immersed in self-love, style, and well-being.


Premium body scrubs, wraps, and polishes used by us assure rejuvenation of your whole body. From everyday grooming to finding permanent and feasible solutions for body care, our salon has everything. Seasoned cosmetologists of our salon know the best treatment to level up your statement.


The word Levo means to smoothen, uplift, polish and relive. Our world-class premier spalon offers a range of top-notch services; a few are listed below:

  • Hairstyling: Getting a perfect cut indeed has a direct statement on your personality. From haircuts to working on your hair texture and nourishing treatments, we have covered it like always.
  • Hair coloring: If your life can be colorful, your hair deserves color too. From figuring out the shade that suits the best to get it done to perfection, we have got you covered.
  • Hair texture: Your hair care journey is incomplete without hair texture treatment. Get frizz-free, smooth hair with desirable volume with our treatments.
  • Keratase Rituals: This is a one-stop solution to all your hair-damaging problems, from hair fall to dandruff to dry scalp. Get instant glowing results from Kerastase treatments under our international experts’ guidance.
  • Makeup: It is undeniable that makeup affects your overall fashion statement. Our makeup artists know the best that suits you for each occasion.


Holistic and extensively researched therapeutic and cosmetic treatments offered at our Spa and Salon assures a deeply nourished and healed skin inside out. A few of the many available dermatological treatments are mentioned below.

  • Laser: This treatment is used to get rid of unwanted body hair, whether it’s the face, under arms, back or the entire body. Laser Hair Reduction removes hair from the follicles with the help of FDA Approved Equipments and Pain Free treatments
  • Art of body sculpting: Get back to your desired body shape with the body sculpting therapy at our Spa and Salon. This painless procedure assures desirable results in considerable turnaround time.
  • Anti-aging techniques: Surgical and non-surgical contouring treatments here help you retain youthful and healthy skin within a few treatment sessions.

Our USP:

Our salon gained recognition with client satisfaction, trust, and experience in the industry. The services, with a sense of unique touch promise internal and external glow. With luxury made available without compromising quality, our spa and salon let you indulge in self-care with promising changes.

  • International Styling: Our professionally hand-picked international products and seasoned international experts promise to offer the best.
  • Luxury that can be afforded: We bring you top-notch services to care for your personal needs at pocket-saving prices.
  • Custom Curated Treatments: Understanding your needs and treating as per your bodily requirement is one of the many factors that make our Spa and Salon stand out.

To experience affordable luxury, check the official website and book an appointment for yourself.

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Levo, by definition means to smoothen, to polish, to uplift, to relieve. It‘s the name that inspires us and our experience. We at Levo promise refinement, restoration, nurturing, and indulgence with a certain élan.

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