Twist & Shout: Hair Trends For Women in 2022

Hair trends are alluring for reasons glamorous and trendy. Be it to rock on the red carpet or for your daily office style, healthy and stylish hair is always a killer combo. Let’s flaunt the women in you, and flaunt your hair, be it short, wavy, curly or straight. Levo Spa and Salon are here to set things shining and beautiful.

Without compromising on the product’s quality and not spoiling your natural hair texture, our seasoned hairstylists and consultants know the best way to keep your hair strong and nourished. 

The 21st Century has come a long way for any industrial advancements, and the same is the case with hair styling. With numerous treatments to make your hair look and feel healthy from the inside, finally, hair texture gets what it deserves. 

Levo Spa and Salon has got a lot in store for you guys to repair your damaged hair and give a new outlook or even give a complete makeover.  Let’s quickly run through some of the treatments that are always in public demand:

Hair Straightening

This hairstyling technique is popular, especially among people with extremely curly hair, frizzy wavy hair, and more. Straightening treatment helps in achieving a smooth, clean, and sleek hair appearance. This has been one among the many other popular hair treatment techniques to make your look decent and stylish.

Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment can further be explained as a process similar to hair smoothening by treating frizzy and unhealthy hair. Along with this the treatment also improves the strength, flexibility, shininess, and texture of the hair. A Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment is expected to last for three-five months which can even stay longer if given adequate hair care and protection.

Rebonding Straightening Therapy

Hair rebonding is indeed a way to straighten your hair using powerful chemicals. By the process of softening down the chemicals, rebonding therapy becomes different from conventional straightening. Also, rebonding straightening therapy is a permanent hair treatment as the procedure involves altering the entire hair structure. 


Hair Colouring 

Colouring your hair not only adds style to your outlook but elevates the entire personality, provided the hair colour suits you well. From analysing the hair texture to understanding what exactly suits your hair to give an extra shine and glam, our professional hairstylists are all yours to suggest the best for you.

Be it the ever celebrated salt and pepper look or single toner or even balayage and highlights with sunshine, Levo Spa and Salon has got everything in hand that’s needed for your perfect and amazing hair makeover. It’s a fact that your hairstyle adds a statement to your personality and hair colour is no less in marking an identity.

Experiments are profiting when you choose wisely and here we are to guide you and offer you the best in class.


The above mentioned are a few among the many other popular advanced hair treatments done on the client by aiming at the strength and health of the client’s hair. We are not bragging, but we have got everything that your hair needs and your hair deserves nothing less than the super-notch service from Levo Spa and Salon.

Check out our website and book a slot from Levo Spa and Salon to have a one-on-one conversation with our hair consultant to know more about hair, its texture, health, and more.

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