Bangs or step cuts? Straightening or smoothening? Hair colour or no hair colour? You’re bound to get confused when the options are endless. To maintain your hair correctly, you need the right treatments. Popular treatments such as Olaplex and Keratin are the most preferred treatments, with each one differing in its nature and purpose. Such treatments offered by Levo Spalon combine exquisite style and expertise to curate the best salon experience.

What do these treatments involve?

Olaplex treatments

Olaplex is a multi-step hair strengthening procedure that strengthens the hair’s disulfide bonds. It is the appropriate treatment to opt for if your hair is severely damaged by overusing straightening irons or chemicals like bleach and colour. It also strengthens, hydrates, and polishes the hair while mending it at the molecular level.

Olaplex should be used in three separate sessions and is suitable for all hair types and textures.

Keratin treatments

One of the naturally occurring proteins found in human hair is keratin. It functions as an internal structural protein and exterior protective protein to preserve your natural hair. This keratin starts to decrease due to external elements like the sun, pollution, or chemicals. Due to these changes, your hair becomes dull, dry and brittle.

If you want to eliminate frizz or repair damaged strands, you can opt for keratin therapy. This procedure requires only one application and works by nourishing your hair’s outer layer. Enjoy voluminous hair in humid weather by opting for Levon spa treatments.

How long do these treatments last?

The effectiveness of an Olaplex treatment relies on the hair’s condition.

Hair with minor damage – six weeks.

Hair with moderate damage – four weeks.

Damaged hair severely – two weeks

-If appropriately maintained, a keratin treatment can last up to six months. You should avoid washing your hair too frequently, minimize using other hair products, and avoid making tight hairstyles. This way, keratin treatments’ goodness and shine stay on longer.

Levo Spalon offers hair treatments that polish, restore and reduce hair damage using state-of-the-art techniques. Some hair services at Levo are:

Hair styling: Levo spalon’s customized hair styling approach makes your hair look stylish and radiant. Their modern touch and style give you an amazing finish.

Hair colour: Various colouring treatments such as balayage, salt-pepper, global, or grey masking touch-up treatments are provided by Levo Spalon. The experts here can give you naturally blended looks that fit the current hot fashion trends.

Hair texture treatments: You may opt for Levo’s hair texture treatments that give you effective results. They have semi-permanent and permanent hair texture treatments that reduce frizz and damage and give you a smooth and polished texture. It also enhances volume and keeps your hair bouncy and tangle-free.

Kerastase rituals: Pollution, UV radiation, and heat damage create problems for maintaining hair since they result in frizzy hair, hair loss, and dandruff. The Keratase Rituals by Levo Spalon are a one-stop shop for repairing brittle hair. Kerastase preserves the hair texture and improves manageability.

Levo promises refinement, restoration, nurturing, and indulgence. They have partnered up with the best international stylists from around the world, such as Mila Parkhina and Jason B. People trust Levo because of its impeccable experience and expertise in the beauty industry’s latest trends. Their services have expanded to not just Gurgram but also Goa, Pune, and Faridabad. Whether for hair or spa treatments, Levo Spalon will leave you feeling beautiful and confident from the inside out.

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